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How did we get started?

Being artists ourselves, we understand the value of having a shared space for artists to go to for community and support. However, prices of studios in Austin and surrounding areas are on the rise. This makes it much harder for makers to have the opportunity every artist has the right to-a creative space to call home. In March 2020 we acquired an affordable warehouse in which we wanted to transform into a a financially accessible space for artists to grow and aid in their ability to operate and develop their practice. That is our mission.


What are we working on right now?

Located inside an industrial warehouse park, MotherShip will be constructing 13 studios in one bay unit measuring 30’x80’ ft. With our low overhead costs and skilled labor abilities, we will be able to maintain a studio complex that retains its affordability. So far we have been able to build out the first two of 13 studios. Right now were are working towards raising money for the next 11 studios.

What are our future goals?

Once all our studios are built, our next big step/goal is to provide community events, workshops, and gallery showings for not only the artists in our space, but the community of artists in our surrounding areas. We as well want to raise enough money to continue our mission and build more financially accessible spaces.

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