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MotherShip Studios is an emerging arts studio and gallery space located between San Marcos and Martindale along San Marcos Hwy 80 in an industrial warehouse park. Our goals include community development of the San Marcos area arts scene and providing affordable studio space for artists. We are women-owned, built, and operated.



Located inside an industrial warehouse park, MotherShip opened in 2020 to build and provide affordable studio space for local artists. The bay unit measuring 30’x80’ ft now houses eight artists. We are fundraising in 2024 to build out another four fully insulated spaces. If you'd like to support this project please donate here, or reach out to us on our contact page to learn more about investment and sponsorship opportunities. 


We are a group of hardworking arts professionals with a passion for our community. Our board includes working artists, professors, university students, curators, and art advisors. 

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